There are several challenges that exist with the monitoring and evaluation system employed in Nigeria. Data reporting is inadequate, and data quality is poor, making quality data needed to make impactful decisions scarce.

DHIS2 helps solve these monitoring and evaluation challenges with its data validation feature, easy accessibility, offline deployment feature and ease of use with no programming skill required. The good thing is DHIS2 is easy to use.

Yes, you heard us right. DHIS2 is easy to use. All you have to do is receive the right kind of training.

On 4th to 6th April 2017, eHealth4everyone carried out an advanced DHIS2 training for nine participants from Clinton Health Access Initiative and Health Strategy Development Foundation.

DHIS2 TrainingParticipants being registered for the training

The training was conducted by the CEO of ehealth4veryone, Dr. Ime Asangansi and assistance was provided by John Ayeni, Inimfon Ukpong as well as Ibe Okala who acted as ground facilitator.

The trainers didn’t  leave any participant behind in the course of the training, they were all carried along. The trainers didn’t only teach with a great understanding of the task at hand, but also with patience. All the participants had good things to say concerning the training.

One participant told us ” I liked  the steady pace and the fact that everyone was carried along.

 “Thanks for answering all our questions especially those of us that are not tech savvy”, another participant said.

DHIS2 TrainingDr. Ime (CEO) during the first lecture session of the training

We trained the participants on data entry on both individual and aggregate level using DHIS2. Additionally, they learned to analyze and visualize data, create their own dashboards, set up and configure DHIS2 live.

They also learned about adding data elements, and indicators.  Participants also got practical sessions and assignments during the training to ensure an in-depth understanding of DHIS2…

 It was insightful and educative. I had never had to directly work with the DHIS2 platform, but this training moved me from a novice to almost an expert on the use of DHIS2.

A participant said,

My knowledge on DHIS2 has been enhanced and simplified. So many things are easier to navigate,

Another participant added.

DHIS2 TrainingParticipants carrying out an analysis assignment

With the accomplished and expert trainer and practical sessions combined with delicious foods and snacks. It was a smooth training. and we believe all participants had their expectations met.

Furthermore, several participants reported that they would have stepped down with the training for some reasons but confessed that they can now run data analysis effectively in their organizations with the new knowledge and skills they have gained.

It is our joy to know that the knowledge shared is not futile.

It’s surprising how wide DHIS2 is and people aren’t using it. My company will see that they use DHIS2 to its full extent. Thank you,

A  pleased participant said.

At the end of the training, Mr. Godwin, one of our participants had this to say to us,

On behalf of my colleagues, I appreciate the team and I am sure we will apply for further training”.

To Mr. Godwin, we say

You’re always welcome. It was our pleasure to pass this wonderful knowledge to you and the other participants. Organizations that understand the need for quality data management and use inspire us greatly. It shows that they understand the importance of an efficient monitoring and evaluation system using the right kind of software.

We look forward to meeting more dedicated people and organizations who aim to improve their DHIS2 analytical capacity. See you all in our future training.


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