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Why work for eHealth4everyone? You will get the opportunity to work with a group of health IT enthusiasts passionate about bringing positive change to the healthcare industry. You will do exciting work in a friendly and conducive environment, and save lives in the process, while interacting with some of the best minds in your area of interest. You also get mentorship and guidance as you develop your career. Fresh graduates (applicants who graduated in 2017 or after) and candidates based in Abuja are preferred, and are strongly encouraged to apply.

Many Roles are Available

Data Analyst (Stata)

The Data Analyst will focus on data analysis, the design and development of data visualization, with an emphasis on user experience and friendly information communication. He/she will ensure data is analyzed and presented in a way that’s easy to understand. He/she will be working closely with experts in healthcare as well as designers, developers, and project managers.

Python Data Scientist

The Python Data Scientist will write software codes to query, manipulate, wrangle and analyze datasets. He/she will support the automation of data submission & retrieval from identified APIs, weblinks and databases. He/she will extract data from different sources and build data pipelines that are robust and efficient.

Software Developer

We are looking for an experienced software developer who can implement basic functional software using HTML, CSS, Javascript and other related web languages. Focus will be on Vue, Angular or React.

Software Tester Intern

We are looking for an experienced and passionate Software Tester to join our team!. As a Software Tester at our company, you will be involved in performing automated and manual tests to ensure the software created by developers is fit for purpose. This will avail you the opportunity to work on new and exciting projects and develop your career. Some of the duties include analysis of software, and systems, mitigate risk and prevent software issues.

Excel Analyst & Master Trainer

The Excel Analyst & Master Trainer will apply his/her advanced knowledge in Spreadsheets to build spreadsheet-based dashboards, advanced formulas, Pivot Tables & Pivot Reporting as well as macros (or Google App Script) based solutions. He/She will also conduct training.

Mobile Application Developer

We are looking for a developer to develop/program mobile applications for health statistics. The android developer will be responsible for the development and maintenance of applications aimed at a vast number of diverse android devices, support testing and installation of mobile applications. The primary focus will be the development of android applications and their integration with back-end services.

APHEN Forum Community Manager (Freelance)

We are looking for a public health forum administrator to manage our online public health forum. S/he should have a strong digital engagement experience with a public health background. S/he will facilitate and support discussions on the forum by providing relevant information on public health topics and resources to the users daily. S/he will also facilitate engagement between the forum and other online public health communities, develop and implement strategies to drive traffic to the forum, reach a wider audience and maintain social media presence.

DHIS2 Assistant

The DHIS2 Assistant will support the use, configuration and customization of DHIS2 systems and any other DHIS2 related assignment. He/she will prepare and update training materials and deliver trainings on DHIS2. He/she will also provide support in data analysis and management, and ensure regular maintenance of databases/information systems.

Software Project Manager 

The Project Manager will provide support in activities within planned timeline, scope and with high quality. He/she will Support in all forms of Project Monitoring and Evaluation with stakeholders and partners.


Python Web Developer

We are looking for a Python Web Developer with experience using Django (preferred) and Flask frameworks. The Python Developer will design and ship elegant python codes with foresight to avoid performance, scalability, usability, maintainability, availability and testability issues. Your primary focus will be the development of server-side logic, and robust application programming interfaces (APIs) to be consumed by the client-side. A basic understanding of front-end technologies is necessary as well.

Data & Software Internships for Students

We welcome applications from students for their Industrial Training (SIWES) into the following positions;

Human Resource Manager/Officer

The Human Resources Manager/Officer will provide support in planning, maintaining and improving the overall coordination, administration and performance evaluation of the company’s Human Resources (HR). He/she will provide general day to day HR support in relation to recruitment and selection, employee relation and benefits, training and development programs; and other administrative functions. He/she will ensure compliance with statutory obligations and best practice. A degree in human resources, administration or any related field is required. He/she must have a strong written and oral communication skills, must be detail-oriented and meticulous in approach to tasks, knowledge of Microsoft packages, google drive is an added advantage.

Data Analyst Intern

The Data Analyst intern will provide support on data analysis, the design and development of data dashboards and data visualization, with an emphasis on user experience and friendly information communication. He/she will ensure data is presented in a way that’s easy to understand.

Data Manager

The Data Manager will oversee the development and use of data systems. He/she will discover efficient ways to organize and store data with attention to accuracy, completeness, efficiency, security and confidentiality. His/her focus will be managing the company data to ensure security of data related to, and belonging to the organization and implement systems to offer efficient analysis, storage and documentation of the organization’s records. He/she will also reduce cost by identifying bad data practices and replacing them with enforceable policies that encourage improved practices.

Data Scientist

The Data Scientist will work with the data analyst to discover information hidden in vast amounts of data, and help the organization make smarter decisions to deliver even better products. His/her focus will be in applying data mining techniques, doing statistical analysis, and building high quality machine learning systems integrated with our products.

NYSC Interns (Abuja)

Corp members serving or yet to serve in Abuja are welcome to apply into the following positions;

MERL Officer (Public Health degree required)

The Monitoring, Evaluation, Research & Learning (MERL) officer will be responsible for the implementation and technical quality of all monitoring, evaluation, research and learning activities at eHealth4everyone. He or she will assist with improving the visibility, utility and quality of health information systems (HIS) assets and data, and will work at the interface of Information Technology, M&E and Healthcare. The officer will be responsible for overall M&E of our projects and will collect, analyze and present findings to show performance of projects. He or she will also interface with key stakeholders.

Business Support Intern or Volunteer

To provide assistance and support to the Business units at eHealth4everyone. Tasks could range from supporting business development and strategic planning to executive support, marketing and digital engagement. The intern may also work on follow-up activities (with partners and clients) and will help support sustainable growth and strong relationships with clients.

Public Health Analyst (Public Health Degree required)

We seek a meticulous tech-enthusiastic public health analyst to focus on public health related eHealth research, as well as to help advise and manage projects focused on technology for public health.

DHIS2 Developer/Intern

We seek an intern knowledgeable in DHIS2 program to handle data analyses and management, and ensure regular maintenance of databases/information systems, The DHIS2 developer would also support setup, configuration and customization of DHIS2, participate in the development of new DHIS2 applications, develop and conduct DHIS2 competency assessment tests, develop DHIS2 training materials, prepare and deliver training courses on DHIS2 and support the set up and maintenance of consolidated data dashboards.

User Experience Designer

We are looking for a User Experience (UX) Designer who shares our love for great design, has a love for research and data, a strong background in UX for multiple platforms, and is a quick-thinking problem solver who works well with all types of people in an environment that encourages a variety of thought processes. Must have a diverse portfolio demonstrating mastery of craft and a track record of results: the design of engaging experiences that created positive outcomes for both the customer and the business.

Multimedia Developer Intern

We are looking for a multimedia design intern who shares our love for great design. Good with visual interpretations and strong in using design software such as Adobe after effects and Premiere pro to create animations and edit video.

Engagement & Advocacy Officer

The Engagement and Advocacy officer will provide a critical interface between ehealth4everyone, government agencies/organizations and other project stakeholders. He/she will lead and support a broad range of internal/external stakeholder engagement and communication activities. He/she will also develop innovative communication and engagement initiatives requiring involvement of a wide range of communication channels.

Project Management Intern/Assistant

We’re looking for a project assistant to provide support and ensure excellent execution of activities within planned timelines and scope, and with high quality. The Project Intern/Manager will oversee any operational aspects and logistics related to execution of activities. In addition, he/she will ensure the collection, management, analyses, and sharing of documents, data and materials to the right personnel, workers, and stakeholders.

Health Informatician (eHealth related degree required)

We would welcome a passionate Health informatician to join our team - ideal candidate would be someone who wants to change the world through health IT. The Health informatician will support the organization generally with development, maintenance and ultimately facilitating the usage of various electronic medical records and health information systems for organizations and institutions.

WordPress Intern

We are looking for a developer who has a strong understanding of the WordPress back-end, sound knowledge of WordPress functions and popular plugins, and who can serve as support for content managers and editors.

Frontend Developer or Web Developer Intern

We are looking for a frontend developer who can implement basic functional software using HTML, CSS, Javascript and other related web languages. Focus will be on Ionic and Angular (or React).

Senior Web Developer

The Software Developer will develop new applications, managing and updating company websites. He/she will manage a team of software developers.

Executive Assistant

The Executive Assistant role is to further enhance the CEO’s capability to expand, develop and manage the business efficiently and effectively. The CEO’s executive assistant may at times be required to act on behalf of the CEO as he/she would be the first point of contact with clients, internal staff and other business contacts. We seek someone with a high level of organization and the ability to provide outstanding administrative support to the CEO. The Executive Assistant would maintain diary and meeting schedule for CEO, type documents and letters for CEO, prepare presentations for CEO, file and retrieve corporate documents, pass documents to appropriate departments from CEO, open, sort and distribute incoming correspondence including mail and rendering support to teams as the need arises.

Linux System Administrator

We are looking for a Linux administrator who will be responsible for designing, implementing and monitoring production and test infrastructure. S/he will collaborate with other team members to develop automation strategies and deployment processes. You will be a core member of our team, making every system administrative problem yours, and solving them accordingly.

IT Support Assistant

We’re looking for an IT personnel to install, monitor and maintain computer/web systems, tools and networks. You could be installing, running, configuring and maintaining computer and online systems, diagnosing hardware and software faults and solving technical, internet and application problems, either over chat, on phone or in person.

Sales and Marketing Assistant

We are seeking to hire a Sales and Marketing Assistant who will be responsible for promoting the organization’s products and services. You will be in charge of managing organizational sales by developing business plans and meeting planned goals. In order to be successful in this role, you will need to have a deep understanding of the sales process and dynamics, and also superb interpersonal skills.

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