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Data Collection- Methods and Processes

Data is defined as a collection of discrete values that convey information describing quality, quantity, facts, statistics, and other basic units of meaning. It may represent abstract ideas or concrete measurements.  Data is a very important aspect of scientific research, finance, and virtually every human organizational activity mainly because it is processed into information that …

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medinstance, EMR hosting, cloud hosting

Introducing MedInstance: an EMR hosting platform

MedInstance is a hosting platform that offers users a way to rapidly set up and run electronic medical record (EMR) systems. It integrates all the necessary components including customizable dashboards, scorecards, patient records, reminders, and alerts in one place. The interface and software were built specifically for this purpose so that users won’t have to …

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Using OpenHISA to achieve Universal Health Coverage in Africa.

Universal Health Coverage (UHC) is the possibility for all individuals to access quality healthcare at an affordable cost and prevent financial hardships due to expenditure on healthcare services. Currently, a lot of African countries have introduced Universal Health Insurance (UHI) programs to promote UHC. These programs cover a portion or all risks of incurring medical …

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ehealth4everyone at 7

eHealth4everyone at seven: The journey so far

According to Ritgak Tilley-Gyado, a physician and anthropologist, solving our region’s biggest health challenges can only be achieved by innovative African-led solutions, which combine global and local frameworks. This rings true because with Africa emerging as the breeding ground for innovative digital health solutions, some of its most significant health challenges are reducing significantly (Sunny …

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