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Artificial intelligence in healthcare

The importance of artificial intelligence and big data in the modern healthcare system

Today, it can be said that the existing healthcare system in most parts of the world is modern because, as outlined by Dave Harrington (2014), the modern healthcare system is driven by data and technology. The fast-paced advancements in technology in various fields have found their way into the healthcare sector directly and indirectly. An …

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How Dhistance Is Helping IHVN Win The Fight Against Infectious Diseases In Nigeria.

The Institute of Human Virology, Nigeria (IHVN) is an institute that carries out research, testing, treatment, and training in a concerted effort to speed up the discovery of diagnostics and therapeutics for a wide variety of chronic and deadly viral and immune disorders – most notably HIV, the cause of AIDS in Nigeria. To capture …

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What is field data collection? Why do you need Datakojo?

Data collection involves gathering information to be used as a basis for reasoning, discussion, or calculation. “Field data” refers to data collected outside the traditional laboratory or office setting. This collection method is done in person, at a specifically chosen location. Field data collection can be carried out in the form of interviews, surveys, questionnaires, …

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EMR Implementation Plan: A Guide To Conquering EMR Hurdles

Despite the many benefits of Electronic Medical Records (EMRs) including reductions in medication errors and unnecessary investigations, as well as improved communication and interaction among primary care providers, their implementation isn’t always easy.  Getting an entire organization on board with an EMR plan and finding the time and resources to execute the plan is a …

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