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artificial intelligence in medical diagnosis
Artificial Intelligence In Medical Diagnosis

Advancements in computer technology have led to the development of software that can assist doctors in decision-making without consulting specialists. This software incorporates various aspects of human intelligence such as logic, decision-making and experiential learning. While the concept of artificial intelligence is not new, recent developments in computer science have led to its recognition as …

Telemedicine in rural healthcare
The Importance of Telemedicine to Rural Health Care

Telemedicine is the use of telecommunication and information technologies to provide clinical health care from a distance. It involves a spectrum of technologies including medical data transmission, audio-only format (telephone and radio), still images, full-motion videos and robotics. The swift progression of real-time, interactive, audio-visual, and digital technologies, coupled with significant increases in internet speed …

Data presentation, data visualization
7 Tips to Effectively Present Data

Data is a key part of every business and/or organization and it’s essential that everyone knows how to present data to their clients or stakeholders for better understanding and decision-making. Businesses often have data that can be presented in different ways, but if it’s not presented correctly then it’s not presented at all. In this …

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