In the world of healthcare, innovation is the driving force behind progress, and eHealth4everyone has been at the forefront of this transformation for the past eight years. As we celebrate our remarkable journey, we take a closer look at the achievements and contributions that have positioned eHealth4everyone as a pioneer in the digital health revolution in Africa.

  • Pioneering Digital Health

Founded in 2015, eHealth4everyone set out on a mission to revolutionize healthcare by leveraging technology. Since then, we have consistently delivered innovative solutions that bridge the gap between healthcare and technology. Some early innovations include “the Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation” (MSDAT) platform which allows users to explore and visualize available health data in the country from multiple data sources. We also developed the Digital Integrated Supportive Supervision (Digital ISS) for the Federal Ministry of Health (FMOH). It’s a mobile and web platform that allows the FMOH to conduct supervision across various health facilities. 

  • Electronic Medical Records (EMR) Revolution

eHealth4everyone has also been instrumental in the development and adoption of Electronic Medical Records Systems (EMRs). These systems streamline patient information, making it readily available to healthcare providers, enhancing decision-making, and improving patient care. The result is a more efficient and effective healthcare system. See more here.

  •  Empowering Healthcare Workers

Recognizing the importance of healthcare professionals, eHealth4everyone focuses on empowering them through training and education. We continually provide healthcare workers with the necessary tools and knowledge to navigate the digital healthcare landscape effectively. This benefits the healthcare workforce and contributes to better patient outcomes. We have worked on a virtual reality project for Helping Babies Breathe (eHBB) in collaboration with the University of Washington and Oxford University. The project was targeted at equipping health practitioners and individuals with the right knowledge and skills in caring for newborn babies with or without danger signs. The eHealth4everyone team, within 3 months, carried out numerous tests of the application with Nurses, Midwives and Doctors specialized in the field of childbirth and child health care.

This is part of our intentional effort to empower the health sector to reduce neonatal mortality due to respiratory distress to the barest minimum.

  • Data-Driven Insights

In an era where data is crucial, eHealth4everyone has excelled in harnessing the power of data analytics. We have developed a number of external and internal dashboards to present data in a visually appealing way. These dashboards provide invaluable insight helps provide a far better way to comprehend trends, competitions, outliers, growth rates, data patterns, and situations with color combinations to make informed decisions, improve resource allocation, and optimize processes. To access our public dashboard directory, click here.

  • Global Impact

eHealth4everyone’s impact extends beyond borders. Our work has garnered international recognition, and we continue to collaborate with local and international partners to advance digital technology. By sharing their expertise and solutions, we contribute to the global effort to create a better life and a better world.

Some products developed by eHealth4everyone are: 

  1. The Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation (MSDAT) platform: This platform, developed in partnership with the Federal Ministry of Health, presents an analysis of key health indicators from multiple health data sources using interactive and intuitive visualizations. The MSDAT platform provides a one-stop analytics dashboard for performing various integrated analyses, viewing and comparing key health indicators from different data sources, quick and easy access to routine and survey data, showing at a glance, visualization of data sources, and health indicators. 
  1. Dhistance: Dhistance is the world’s first fully automated DHIS2 hosting and server management service. The application allows users to set up their DHIS2 instance on a server within minutes. It has been used by organizations such as the Pakachere IHDC, Zambian National HIV-AIDS-STI-TB Council (NAC), Institute of Human Virology (IHVN) and many more.
  1. Datakojo: Datakojo is a platform used for data collection and analysis. The use of questionnaires and surveys with closed-ended questions is a technique for collecting primary data. Responses can be analyzed with quantitative methods. The goal for all data collection is to capture quality evidence that allows analysis to lead to the formulation of convincing and credible answers to the questions that have been posed.

Looking Ahead

As eHealth4everyone marks her 8th anniversary, it’s evident that our dedication to transforming healthcare through technology remains unwavering. Our innovative spirit, commitment to excellence, and global reach have not only revolutionized the healthcare sector but also extended into various other industries and sectors, illuminating new possibilities. This diverse impact solidifies eHealth4everyone as a beacon of hope and innovation, not only in healthcare but across a wide spectrum of industries.

Image of eHealth4everyone team members celebrating the 8th year anniversary

So, here’s to eHealth4everyone and eight years of remarkable achievements, made possible through the unwavering support of our partners: The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, World Health Organisation, Zambia Aids Council, Federal Ministry of Health, Sightsavers, and others. Together, we are shaping the adoption of digital technology across various sectors for the better. Congratulations on the journey so far, and here’s to many more years of innovation and impact!

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