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What We Do
Health Data Management
Health Dashboard Development

We are experts in dashboard engineering, and have made numerous
dashboards for government and non governmental organizations.
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Data Preparation, Integration and Open data

Data management is a core of our operation. We can clean and
transform your data while still preserving its integrity, building
pipelines that integrate with multiple datasets and make them
 open to use. Contact Us

Health Data Visualisation, Dissemination,
Engagement & Advocacy

We create the intersection between data analytics and healthcare by
extracting insights from health data, publishing our findings, informing
the care of individuals, providing more information to local & international
organizations and shaping the national health care policies.
These data products are disseminated using our HealthThink platform
accessible at

Professional Networking

This is a platform where we share the latest happenings on
issues relevant to health. We have provided APHeN as a
hosting platform for collaborations, networking, discussions
and knowledge sharing between public health professionals
and enthusiasts. Health enthusiasts are welcome to sign up

HealthThink Blog

A platform focused on telling stories about data and reporting
on happenings in the world of Health data to aid the art of
communication and visualization of data for civic
engagement. This will ensure that everyone has access to this
information, understand it and use it to drive the development
and progress of the country and it’s citizens. Here

Digital Health Solution
Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems

Our Smartacare system is state of the art, innovative and the first
step to transforming the healthcare system of the nation. Smartacare
is deployed at the University of Uyo Nephrology and Dialysis Unit.
 It is accessible at

Virtual Reality for Health Care

At eHealth for Everyone, we are implementing virtual reality by
using digital applications and mobile devices that simulate health
care scenarios allowing for high fidelity, high frequency
experiences in a safe virtual space. Learn more

Mobile Data Collection (Web, Android & SMS)

We create flexible and sophisticated mobile data collection platforms
to save organizations time and money. By digitally recording
information at the source of its origin, you don’t have to waste time
typing data into a spreadsheet or worry about not being able to read
illegible values from data capture tools. Learn more

DHIS2 Configuration and Maintenance

eHealth4everyone has deep and broad expertise in DHIS2, a
tool for the collection, validation, analysis and presentation of aggregate
and patient level statistical data.
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Learning & Research
Health Informatics Research & Trainings

We believe in the improvement and transfer of knowledge. We are
committed to research and training, aimed at providing the best
quality service and information.

Health Data Bank

We go the extra mile to retrieve secondary health data in messy
and unstructured formats from multiple reliable sources. This data
is cleaned, wrangled, collated and made accessible to students,
researchers and the general public for analysis on our HealthThink
platform. Contained within this database is the HealthThink blog,
which contains regular updates on important public health
issues in Nigeria. This can further inform ideas for research.

Capacity Building (Training, One-on-One mentoring
and On the job support) in DHIS2, Data Analytics

We are recognized globally as eHealth experts able to impact a
generation of enthusiasts who can foster massive improvements in
our healthcare sector. We are actively contributing to the strength of
individuals and organizations who use DHIS2 for their projects by
increasing their skill and capacity to use the system. For more
information about our training visit

Advisory & Strategy
Bespoke Product Design, Development,
Implementation, Testing and Evaluation

We offer product design, development, implementation, testing and
evaluation- all made to order. We can design any product to detail
and user specifications. We ensure that the latest technology and
methods are utilized in the development and implementation
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Health Informatics Support to Government MDAs

We use our vast knowledge of healthcare, information systems,
databases and information technology security to gather, store,
interpret and manage data generated during interventions conducted
by the government.

We provide dedicated support resources for applications within the
health system as dictated by applicable needs, implementation and
adaptation policies. Contact Us

eHealth Strategy and Digital Health Advisory

For those who wish to keep up the pace in the rapidly evolving
digital health ecosystem, we provide strategic research and digital
 health advisory services. Contact Us

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Our Clients


“It was fun, nice and enlightening. Initially I paid for one day but I would have regretted it.”
Idoko Joseph
eHealth Africa