WHO Regional Office for Africa (WHO AFRO) recognises the critical role innovation plays in addressing some of the health challenges and also accelerating progress in attainment of the desired health outcomes in Africa. The WHO Innovation Challenge was officially launched on 8th November, 2018. The aim of the challenge was to source, select and profile innovations including community-based initiatives that apply new and fresh ideas to address pressing health needs on the continent.

The WHO Innovation Challenge received a total of 2,471 applications in just four weeks from 77 countries – 44 countries in Africa. A panel of independent evaluators assessed and profilled the innovations in terms of the potential for making impact as well as ability to be scaled up in a sustainable way. More than a third of the submissions came from women.

eHealth4everyone is one of the 30 finalists of the first ever WHO Africa Innovation Challenge. We are also the only finalists with two nominations. The innovations that we are being recognized for are:

  1. Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation (MSDAT) Dashboard
    This Multi-Source Data Analytics and Triangulation dashboard (MSDAT) is a resource that provides a single transparent view of key health indicators across multiple data sources. Decision-makers (the government and stakeholders alike), need appropriate information to ensure that they make valid healthcare decisions and policies. With the existence of multiple data sources for key health indicators, it raises the need to improve the accuracy of health data to aid the decision makers within the health system. The MSDAT Dashboard improves the accuracy of health data by;

    • a. Transparently showing data and trends against multiple sources to compare variations between different sources over time,
    • b. Comparing methodologies, which could account for the variations in data for an indicator and,
    • c. Improving the overall understanding of key trends and progress within the health sector.
  2. Digital Integrated Supportive Supervision (Digital ISS)
    Digital Integrated Supportive Supervision is a web-based platform for the collection and management of health data generated through regular supervision and survey. Digital ISS is designed to get rid of most of the limitations associated with traditional supervisory processes as well as the traditional method of data collection which is done using paper forms.

The finalists were recognized yesterday which was the opening day of the second WHO Africa Health Forum in Praia, Cabo Verde. You can read the rest of the article here.

We are exceptionally proud of this achievement and our Chief Excellence Officer, Dr. Ime Asangansi who is in Cape Verde to represent the company at the WHO Health Forum.