According to Ritgak Tilley-Gyado, a physician and anthropologist, solving our region’s biggest health challenges can only be achieved by innovative African-led solutions, which combine global and local frameworks. This rings true because with Africa emerging as the breeding ground for innovative digital health solutions, some of its most significant health challenges are reducing significantly (Sunny et al, 2020) − and it can be said that eHealth4everyone is at the forefront with its several innovative digital health solutions.


eHealth4everyone is an African digital health enterprise that was founded on the 25th of July 2015, by Dr Ime Asangansi. Our mission is to save lives, strengthen systems, and build nations through digital innovations.

Over the past seven years, we have actively contributed to health service delivery using data science and information technology in various ways, some of which include health data management, health data analytics, research and learning, monitoring and evaluation, advisory and strategy development, and professional networking.

eHealth4everyone and health data management

eHealth4everyone has actively applied its expertise in developing numerous dashboards for government and non-governmental organizations. One of such is the  Multi-Source Health Data Analytics & Triangulation (MSDAT) platform which was developed for the Federal Ministry of Health to provide a single transparent view of key health indicators against multiple data sources.

In addition, we create the intersection between data analytics and healthcare by extracting insights from health data, publishing our findings, providing more information to local and international organizations, and shaping the national health care policies through our HealthThink platform.

Health data solutions at eHealth4everyone

eHealth4everyone has developed several health data solutions, such as electronic medical record systems, virtual reality for healthcare, mobile data collection platforms, and DHIS2 hosting platforms. 

Our electronic medical records system, SmartaCare, is fully automated and is currently deployed at the Brain and Body Foundation, and the University of Uyo Nephrology and Dialysis Unit, amongst other facilities across Nigeria.

Also, our virtual reality platforms have many compelling use cases in healthcare, ranging from serving as a training tool for providers to being used directly on patients to improve health outcomes. One of such use cases is the Helping Babies Breathe (eHBB) project which was tested at the National Hospital Abuja and implemented at the Lagos University Teaching Hospital (LUTH). 

Furthermore, we developed Datakojo, an easy-to-use and flexible mobile data collection platform saving organizations time and money. Datakojo has been deployed for use across various projects in Nigeria, like the Maternal and Neonatal Health Quality of Care (MNH-QoC) assessment, and the Basic Health Care Provision Fund (BHCPF) baseline evaluation, amongst other projects.

Another of our health data solutions is Dhistance, the first fully automated DHIS2 hosting platform which is currently being used by the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN), and Zambia’s National HIV/AIDS/STI/TB Council, amongst other users.

Advisory, strategy, and professional networking

We use our vast knowledge of healthcare, information systems, databases and information technology security, to gather, store, interpret and manage data generated during interventions conducted by the government. We also provide strategic research, data analytics training, and digital health advisory services for governments and other organizations who wish to keep up with the pace of the rapidly evolving digital health ecosystem.

Our professional networking platform, APHeN, is where we share the latest happenings on issues relevant to health, also from a data and analytics perspective. APHeN serves as a hosting platform for collaborations, networking, discussions and knowledge sharing between public health professionals and enthusiasts. Health enthusiasts are welcome to sign up.

It has been seven years of strengthening and improving access to healthcare through digital innovations. So far, our contributions to digital healthcare in Africa have been excellent, and we aim to do exponentially better in the coming years.


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