Over the last decade, there has been an increased investment in digitizing health care. This is seen in the increased use of mobile devices and web platforms for data collection, or a systems-wide digitization approach where health care workers are using mobile devices to deliver services. Digital technology usage can be seen today at all levels of healthcare care in low and middle-income countries.

Among the frequently used technologies in today’s digital healthcare era is the Electronic Medical health record (EMR) system. An EMR is “an electronic record of health-related information on an individual; such information can be created, gathered, managed, and consulted by authorized clinicians and staff within one health care organization.” EMR systems are used to improve outcomes by assisting health workers, maximizing employee output, prioritizing and allocating healthcare resources.

EMR systems can handle everything from documenting patient data, and scheduling appointments to filling prescriptions and verifying insurance. Truly, the introduction of EMR software has changed healthcare organizations of all sizes and specialties. It has enabled health workers and service providers to enhance diagnosis and treatment procedures, and has thus resulted in increased efficiency of service delivery.

Some advantages of using EMRs include:

  • Access to comprehensive patient information, such as diagnoses, allergies, lab results, and medications.
  • Access to new and past test results among providers in multiple care settings.
  • Computerized provider order entry and decision-support systems.
  • Secure electronic communication among providers and patients.
  • Restricted access to health records, disease management tools, and health information resources.
  • Computerized administration processes, such as scheduling systems.
  • Standards-based electronic data storage and reporting for patient safety and disease surveillance efforts.

Introducing the SmartaCare EMR System

SmartaCare is an advanced user-friendly, affordable, and easy-to-customize platform that enables health facilities to collect, store and utilize patient data digitally and in one place. SmartaCare users enjoy features such as easy patient registration and appointment scheduling. They also enjoy real-time analysis of patient diagnosis and vitals, report generation, facility organization, and stock management.

SmartaCare also provides a web-based, and mobile platform version. SmartaCare also enables seamless communication between practices or departments within a medical facility. It helps users make informed clinical decisions using collated, analyzed, and visualized data.

SmartaCare implementation is seamless. It is used by clinics, hospitals, dialysis units, universities, and other kinds of medical establishments across Nigeria.

To set up your SmartaCare EMR;  send an email to bizdev@e4email.net or call 09021720570.

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