Integrated Supportive Supervision and Analytics (ISSA)

Use mobile phone and the web to quickly collect,
analyze and share ISS Data seculy

Integrated Supportive Supervision and Analytics (ISSA) is an open-source web-based mobile-enabled platform for quick collection and management of data generated through supportive supervisions.
Whether you need complex skip logic, realtime GPS, picture uploads or automatic export of data to DHIS2, the ISSA is your best bet.

Key Features

Here is why ISS stands

Monitor Supervision in Real Time

You can scrutinize, track and oversee supervisions in facilities as they are carried out.

Give Instant Feedback

Get instant feedback from your analyzed data for informed decision making.

Instant Decision Making by Combined Data

With predictive and real time analysis, the platform enhances proactive, instant and informed decision making.

Strong Safeguard against Data Loss

Data quality and security is assured with ISSA. Once collected, your data is backed-up and encrypted, assuring no data leaks.

Seemless Offline and Online Data Collection

Poor network is no longer a barrier to data collection. Data collected offline, is automatically uploaded once your device is connected to the internet.

Huge Cost Saver

Save your organization as you completely eliminate the time and materials needed to collect and analyze paper-based data.

The ISSA Advantage

Built Specifically for Integrated Supportive Supervision

Unlike other generic data collection solution, we built ISSA precisely for Integrated Supportive Supervision.

Robust In-Built Analytic Feature

Predict future trend and easily detect clusters and exception in the in-built predictive analytic feature. With the ISSA, decision making is sure to be effective.

Integrates with and Complement DHIS2

Effortlessly export data from ISSA to DHIS2 for immediate analysis.

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