Electronic Medical Record Systems

Our developed Electronic Medical Record (EMR) system is not only state of the art and innovative, but is the first step to
transforming the healthcare system of the nation.
One of our developed EMRs is Smartacare which we developed and deployed at the University of Uyo Nephrology and Dialysis Unit and is accessible at smartacare.com/smartacare/login.htm

Image: eHealth4everyone named by OpenMRS Nigeria: https://wiki.openmrs.org/display/docs/OpenMRS+Nigeria

Our Product


Smartacare is an electronic health record system that enables efficient healthcare delivery through digitization of healthcare processes.


Easy to Use

It requires no technical expertise to install and it is easy
to learn. The interface of the software can easily be
navigated ensuring patient encounters are effective and
always positive.

Secure, private and ensures confidentiality

Smartacare is developed with strong security features
built-in to help protect patient privacy and prevent data

Easy Patient Capture

Smartacare boasts of unique clinical tools that can help
healthcare providers easily capture patient health
information while staying engaged during the visit.

Easy to customize

The flexibility of smartacare allows for easy customization
to diverse specialty needs such as Primary Care, Cardiology,
general surgery etc.

Smart notifications and decision support

Smartacare offers the possibility of automatic notifications/
reminders to physicians which help in improving practice
efficiency. It enhances decision making as it helps to provide
person-specific and intelligently filtered information to
healthcare providers.

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