An easy-to-use electronic medical record (EMR) system that can be used to manage any health care practice.
Our FREE EMR digitizes all healthcare processes and empowers efficient healthcare delivery.
Whatever your practice, SmartaCare is the right tool for you.

Key Features

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Allow patients to book, reschedule, and cancel appointments seamlessly using SmartaCare.
Improve hospital bottom line by accurately tracking and controlling hospital goods.
Make your hospital more economically efficient with this smart revenue management system.
Create and review prescriptions when you need to.
Make your hospital more economically efficient with this smart revenue management system.
Strong security features built-in to help protect patient privacy and prevent data breaches.

Improve patient experience. Capture patient health information while staying engaged during a hospital visit.

You will never miss an appointment again with the smart notifications feature.

Upcoming Features

We are always inventing and innovating. Here are the features to watch out for.
Be aware of the status of each bed space in real-time. Quickly assign bed space during emergencies
Improve the quality of notes and quality of time spent with patients. Automatically convert discussion with the patient into written form.
Provide consultations to your patients anywhere and anytime.

Guaranteed Outcomes

SmartaCare is used by different healthcare providers to achieve different results.
You can view the history of your patient in one glance without going through piles of paper records. You can now diagnose properly and prescribe the best drugs based on the patient’s history.
Smartacare will reduce hospital operational costs to the barest minimum. Reduce the need for paper, folders and other office supplies and reduce hospital expenditure.
With SmartaCare in your hospital, physicians and nurses can spend more time with patients instead of going through reams of paper. Doctors can attentively listen to patients without the hassle of taking notes. SmartaCare will convert the discussion to text.

User Scenarios

Whatever your practice, SmartaCare is the right tool for you.

Solo Practice

Are you an independent practitioner with a medical practice that consists of a small number of staff and a limited patient base? Then SmartaCare is right for you.
▪ SmartaCare will digitize your processes and help reduce the burden of running your practice effectively.
▪ SmartaCare will support you in your quest to grow your practice. The platform will also ensure your staff is more productive.

Group Practice

Is your medical practice a group practice with more than one physician and a medium-large patient base? If yes, SmartaCare is the right EMR for you.
▪ SmartaCare will help increase the effectiveness of all resident physicians by tracking their activities. 
▪ Tracking of patient details will be a lot easier and faster.
▪ You can bring up all previous histories of a patient in a single search.
▪ Other administrative tasks such as billing and stock management will be better supported.

Non-Governmental Organizations

Are you a Non-Governmental Organization currently executing a social project or about to execute one and you need a flexible and easy-to-use platform for capturing and tracking patient data?
Smartacare is the perfect tool for you.

▪ Smartacare is a flexible tool that can be easily customized to suit project- specific requirements.

Immunization Centres

Smartacare can be used at your immunization centre to improve the rate of immunizations.From our smart notifications feature to the patient tracking features, immunization centres can use smartacare to ensure missed vaccinations are reduced to the barest minimum.
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