We are eHealth4everyone. Nice to meet you!

Our Vision

Better health for everyone, through innovative
digital technologies.

Our Mission

Advance the frontiers of digital health, through invention, innovation and implementation.

eHealth4everyone is a leading digital health social enterprise dedicated to making the world healthier.

We are a new kind of mission-driven organization with services, expertise and products focused on making the business of healthcare delivery work for everyone, through technology-enabled optimizations. We believe that if health is a right, proven digital health solutions and expertise such as ours should not be a privilege.

Working with participants across the spectrum of healthcare, from individuals, healthcare providers, government departments and stakeholders, insurance organizations, pharmaceutical companies, and various private sector players, we enable high performance across the continuum of healthcare delivery and management.

Our Ethos – Our Values

eHealth4everyone CEO and Co-founder Ime Asangansi talks about our values:

“Values are at the core of true and lasting effort and impact. Every team or organization must have an internal compass that continually points them to their true North. For us, that internal compass guides strategic and even technical decisions, as well as execution and everyday operations.”

Our core values:

  1. Passion: We are passionate about the advancement of our society and the healthcare of everyone. This gives us the daily enthusiasm and drive to make positive change. We are not satisfied with the status quo. We never give up!
  1. Innovation & Creativity: The eHealth space is young and dynamic. Innovation and change runs in our blood. We recognize the pivotal role of resourcefulness, flexibility and out-of-the-box thinking in charting new possibilities for the application of IT in healthcare. We bring this into every project we undertake. It’s in our DNA!
  1. Users first: We are dedicated to satisfying our users and clients first. We measure these by the happiness they express and the positive reviews they leave.
  1. Excellence: We constantly strive to be the best at what we do, and we expect every team member to maintain competence in their sub-specialties. We have a healthy obsession with being thorough and with producing painstakingly finished outputs.
  1. Integrity: We uphold the highest standards of ethical practice, good corporate governance, individual honesty and accountability.
  1. Teamwork and excellent communication: For us, TEAM stands for Together Everyone Achieves More! We are constantly improving and innovating around our communication tools and skills.
  1. Impact: For us, it’s all about saving lives and/or positively impacting people’s health. This is our first test before taking on any project. We are also focused on our role in making our communities economically and ecologically more sustainable.
  1. Speed: We at eHealth4everyone recognize the urgency of saving lives and emergency of the situation of healthcare.


We are a local Africa-based team of globally recognized experts and home-grown talent aware and proud of our innovation, excellence and increasing impact on society. We love our work!

Our team is deliberately multi-disciplinary, consisting of clinicians, technologists and management experts.

Ime Asangansi, MBBS PhD (Informatics)

Ime Asangansi, MBBS PhD (Informatics)

Chief Excellence Officer

Specialist and thought leader in Health informatics & eHealth – Strategy design, eHealth Software development & implementation and Product Design. Adviser at WHO. Ex-United Nations Foundation Country Director. Experience from various global eHealth projects funded by DFID, IDRC, Norad, USAID and Gates

Ajaka Chiamaka

Ajaka Chiamaka

Graphics & UI Designer
Experienced graphics & user interface design specialist with expertise working with adobe creative suite. Designed for Planet One Hotel and NYSC, developed a lot of creative designs around our websites and dashboards.
Oyindamola Oduselu .J.

Oyindamola Oduselu .J.

Finance and Admin Manager

Experienced financial analyst with significant experience from various projects funded by USAID, Bill and Melinda Gates foundation, World Learning and National Democratic Institute.

Martyns Nwaokocha

Martyns Nwaokocha

Analyst and Dashboard Developer

Analyst and dashboard developer with experience using analytical & visualization tools. Currently analyses on the HealthThink analytics platform and supports the FMoH DPRS in data analytics and visualizations.