Healthcare facilities such as hospitals and specialist health facilities are still in the traditional way of safeguarding and storing information. Information is key and as such should be easily accessible and protected. We all need an effective and more efficient way to access patient’s information.

SmartaCare is a web application offering health facilities an advanced and innovative way of storing patient’s information, which helps in increasing their productivity. 

SmartaCare is an advanced electronic medical record (EMR) system that helps digitize all processes in healthcare facilities to ensure effective healthcare delivery for patients. Smartacare is here to help in improving productivity and information storage systems in health facilities. 

SmartaCare would help to tackle the following issues:  

  • Insufficient space for paper record storage 
  • Wastage of time for retrieval of patient’s information
  • Low data exchange capacity etc.  

SmartaCare provides cloud storage for medical records, readily accessible patient information and improved communications between departments to mention a few. 

You might want to ask about its benefits and features, and yes, it is of great importance. It provides maximized productivity, improved practices and insight with unique features such as:

  • Report generation 
  • Appointment scheduling to plan out your day-to-day health appointments. 
  • Stock management etc 

And don’t forget SmartaCare can be used by health facilities such as public / private hospitals, health specialists and also Non-Governmental Organizations for free. 

SmartaCare ensures an effective and efficient monitoring of patient’s information and data. Furthermore, this enhances tracking of health data collected and stored on the system. 


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