Networking and engagement has established long term relationships for people in most walks of life to communicate, playing a key part of how work gets done from corporations to the government and Africa’s Public health network (APHeN) is here for all of it.

APHeN continues to create the bridge for individuals in all health inclined backgrounds, interested in Public health as a profession or a solution to connect, engage and supply beneficial data and information on various Public health issues in their communities, countries and Africa.


Africa’s Public health network combines health information, education, communication and promotion by disseminating health information, creating awareness using mediums like focus group discussions and public health blog posts, focusing on modification of lifestyle choices where necessary.

Through our inclusivity of individuals with basic to advanced knowledge and interest in Public health and wellness promotion, APHeN continues to serve as an avenue for capacity building, youth empowerment, personal growth, development and community participation through volunteer opportunities updates. This encourages and guides job seekers interested in working in a Public health inclusive organization.


Alongside engaging with our elite members in self beneficial, health solution geared discussions on various topics, APHeN creates and fosters a healthy, mentally stimulating meeting environment, giving enthusiasts a grasp of Public health as a profession and all the opportunities available to them. 

Individuals planning on switching fields or venturing into the Public health space, who are keen on promoting, creating or participating-in and contributing to programs aimed at advocating for healthy behaviours and lifestyle choices in members of  their community, can also receive guidance from our members which comprises Professionals, scholars and researchers.

APHeN continues to serve as an informative point for individuals via career opportunities/development alerts for Public health professionals and enthusiasts such as: job vacancies, health conferences, workshops and training opportunities for both job application and promotional purposes.

There are reasons why joining APHeN cannot be underestimated or over emphasized. Therefore, this is an invitation for all professionals, scholars, students and enthusiasts in the corporate field and academia to join our online prestigious community, and connect with with us on our social media platforms: