SmartaCare is a new advanced and unique EMR that is  not only innovative, but also helps health facilities and clinicians to be proactive and smart in their day-to-day operations. SmartaCare will assist healthcare providers in evaluating their strategy in order to identify essential changes and achieve their objectives.

The SmartaCare EMR has been installed in clinics, hospitals, dialysis units, universities, and other locations across Nigeria. It has made patient care more efficient and convenient. SmartaCare is the way forward and the key to enhancing health-care quality and efficiency. 

SmartaCare incorporates patient data and information acquired by medical professionals, which is used by providers to give seamless treatment and diagnosis to patients. Their data will be safely preserved and safeguarded for future and long-term usage and references. SmartaCare will assist with the resolution of difficulties such as:

  • Misplacement of patient data and record: paper storage systems are charged with the challenge of misplacing patients files.
  • Duplication of data/record: when patients’ records are not quickly accessible medical staff tends to duplicate patients files thereby leading to extensive bulk room.
  • Slow retrieval of patient information: retrieving and accessing patient information might take a long time.
  • Inadequate storage space for paper records: when patient records are duplicated, there is insufficient storage space to protect patient information.
  • Poor departmental communication:  with  Smartacare, providers will be able to communicate effectively amongst several hospital units. This helps for easy coordination of health service delivery especially with serious cases.

SmartaCare will assist health care workers in identifying patients who are due for checkups and appointments, as well as monitoring how each patient meets certain needs such as vaccinations and blood pressure readings. SmartaCare is a boon to both doctors and patients in terms of enhancing excellent health care delivery.

We must restrain the usage of paper records in health facilities in order to reach the goal of SmartaCare. As a result of clear communication of evidence-based physician advice, SmartaCare will assist in increasing patient safety.

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