Healthcare excellence award presented to eHealth4everyone

The National Health Information Management System (NHIMS) conference held on the 9th and 10th of June 2021 at Chida International Hotels, Abuja with the theme of the conference being ‘Nigeria Health Information System Policy: Strategies for Improving Facility Based Data Management, Dissemination and Use’. At the conference, the speakers called for the strengthening of the healthcare systems’ capabilities in relation to timely and reliable health information collection and collation, noting that Nigeria’s healthcare facilities are really in need of this support.

Discussions and presentations were made on ways to improve health data collection and integration, with emphasis being made on building the capacity of Nigerian health records officers in the form of in-service training and workshops in the areas of data collection and analysis, and getting certified in the various data analytics softwares available. 

Mr. Ahire Tersoo presenting SmartaCare at the NHIMS Conference

A presentation was done on the second day (10th June 2021) on one of our products SmartaCare by eHealth4everyone’s representative Mr. Tersoo Ahire. He highlighted the benefits of implementing SmartaCare in the healthcare space and the unique features available to the health care facilities as well as the patients. He outlined some of the benefits of SmartaCare, which include the provision of:

  • Readily accessible patient information.
  • Cloud storage for medical records.
  • Seamless communication between departments.
  • Automated collation, analysis and visualization of patient data.

And the unique features which SmartaCare offers are as follows;

  • Appointment scheduling
  • Healthcare facilities management
  • Stock management.
  • Report generation.

Our CEO Dr. Ime Asangansi (Left) and Mr. Tersoo Ahire (Middle) receiving the award of excellence from the Chairman of HRORBN Hon. Ibrahim J. Sokoto (Right)

One of the highlights of the event was the presentation of awards, in which eHealth4everyone was a beneficiary. We were awarded for our outstanding contribution to health information system policy in Nigeria. This award was presented to our representatives; Chief Excellence Officer Dr. Ime Asangansi MBBS, PhD and Mr. Tersoo Ahire, in which commendations were made on our active and detailed data centric website, which also included the services we offer in the areas of health data collection, analysis and management.