We live in a digital age, and technology has irreversibly changed our lives. Obtaining information used to be time-consuming, but now it is only a click away. Although technology has penetrated several sectors of the Nigerian economy, the Nigerian health sector has still been found inadequate. Despite the progress made so far, many hospitals and health-related facilities still operate on a paper-based model of data collection, as opposed to the use of Electronic Medical Record (EMR) systems.

The EMRs is a digital platform that enables health facilities to collect, review, and store patient information as part of the patient care process. 

According to Manca (2015), EMRs improve quality of care, patient outcomes, and safety through improved management, reduction in medication errors, reduction in unnecessary investigations, and improved communication and interactions among primary care providers, patients, and other providers involved in care.

SmartaCare EMR is an advanced user-friendly, affordable and easy to customise platform that enables health facilities to collect, store and utilise all patient data digitally and in one place. SmartaCare facilitates the smooth running of the day-to-day operations of the facility. Below are a number of ways smartacare can improve productivity.

  1. Saves time and energy: The Smartacare EMR helps to reduce all that time-wasting and inefficiency by simplifying the workflow in hospitals and providing easy access to  patients’ records.
  2. Reduced Operational cost: The SmartaCare EMR reduces operational costs by keeping records in one place and reduces cost on purchasing stationeries such as papers, files, amongst others.
  3. Decreased patient wait time: As a result of easy access to patient records and information, it reduces the waiting period in the health facility.
  4. Simultaneous access to patient information by authorised departments: One major benefit of the Smartacare EMR is the ability for patient’s information to be viewed simultaneously by various authorised departments.
  5. Increased number of patients: SmartaCare helps to manage doctor-to-patient ratio, such that there’s more room for effectively increasing the number of patients without affecting the efficiency of service delivery in a facility.
  6. Improved patient management: With SmartaCare, healthcare providers in any location can have access to timely, complete and accurate retrospective/historic patient information which results in better care and patient management.
  7. Reduced record storage space: Patient records are stored in the cloud making it possible to put physical storage space to better use.

The deployment and use of EMRs in the Nigerian healthcare system would go a long way in improving the efficiency of healthcare providers in delivering the best patient-centred care possible.

Want to experience how SmartaCare EMR can serve you better? Then  Schedule a demo today and get SmartaCare deployed at your facility today! For more information on our Smartacare EMR, contact us on bizdev@e4email.net or call +2349021720570

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