Image 1: Training participants. Photo Credit: eHealth4everyone

eHealth4everyone’s DHIS2 beginner-to-advanced level training was a three-day event that held from the 15th to 17th of February, 2022, in Abuja, Nigeria. The DHIS2 training was organized to build the capacity and skills of the Institute of Human Virology Nigeria (IHVN) staff.

The training served as a refresher course on data management using DHIS2 for effective health program planning, monitoring, and decision-making. The training also sought to familiarize participants with the new improvements on the DHIS2 platform’s most recent version.

An introduction to DHIS2 and the basics of the software were the start points of the training. The curriculum was tailored and well-revised to effectively cover all the key features of the DHIS2 software. Some of the topics covered include: 

  1. data structure and data entry modules, 
  2. data analysis and reporting 
  3. using the pivot table and data visualizer, 
  4. dashboard management and interpretation for data presentation 
  5. use of maps app, 
  6. generation and use of data report types in DHIS2, amongst others.

The training was hands-on and interactive, allowing our trainees to practice the knowledge gained during the training sessions. 

The trainees were also tutored on the setup and configuration of the DHIS2 environment with a focus on the maintenance module – organizational unit, data element, indicator, option set, categories, category combinations, user and user role management. We also held a brief session on the world’s first automated DHIS2 Software as a Service – Dhistance

Dhistance allows you to setup and host your own DHIS2 instance within minutes, without needing advanced technical skills. (To learn more about Dhistance please visit

During the trainings, we had short breaks in-between sessions, with healthy and tasty meals at the tea break and lunch hours every day.

Image 2: Training participants and facilitators. Photo Credit: eHealth4everyone

Our facilitators welcomed questions from the trainees and addressed them beyond satisfaction. Each topic taught was accompanied by a practical session and was aided with the DHIS2 software already set-up on their personal computers. 

“The training was well organized, and adequately delivered by smart and friendly facilitators”Mrs Martha Okposo

Image 3: A chart showing the pre and post scores for the training

The graph above depicts a knowledge-based comparison analysis based on the pre- and post-test analysis. Results showed that the participant’s knowledge level increased from 54.17 per cent to 92.16 per cent at the conclusion of the training. Certificates were awarded and the participants left the training fully equipped with practical knowledge on DHIS2. 

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