Datakojo is a mobile data collection platform that allows individuals and organizations to deliver web-based surveys to any demographic group(s). The platform operates on a survey program to capture responses, in which survey data is instantly cleaned and available for analysis by the user. Datakojo has been deployed for various data collection projects and facility assessments across Nigeria.

We’ve included many tools to address a variety of difficulties that emerge when conducting paper-based surveys. Paper-based surveys bring along problems, ranging from potential destruction of tools, loss, or error to labor-intensive and time-consuming processes. Datakojo was established with the goal of eliminating these obstacles and making surveys simpler, less expensive, and more reliable.

Features of Datakojo

Dynamic Form Builders

This feature helps users create online forms on the website or mobile application. The feature is easy to use, dynamic in nature and you can see your form taking shape as you add the elements and its attributes. With this feature, you may create and personalize web forms for your survey, and then have them ready for distribution and data collecting.

Sound Data Security Measures: 

This feature of Datakojo ensures the highest level of security and protection for users’ data. The functionality protects users’ data and personal information by using security measures such as authentication and access restrictions. With this function, recorded data and personal information placed on the platform cannot be accessed without due authorization.

Offline and online work capabilities

This is a feature that is extremely useful in areas with little to no network connectivity. As a user, you may have to conduct your survey in a remote area with  poor network connection, and you may begin to reconsider choosing digital forms. With this feature, you can use datakojo wherever there is a weak or no network connection, and the data will be synced to your cloud server when the connection is restored.

Instant analysis and feedback: 

The Datakojo platform provides you with real-time analysis of collected data. When data is collected on Datakojo, this function provides instant analysis and feedback in the form of tables or charts.

DHIS2 integration: 

This is a component of the Datakojo platform that allows for integration with DHIS2, an advanced data analysis program.

Data visualizations: 

This is another feature of the Datakojo platform that allows for data visualization. By using visual elements like charts, graphs, and maps, data visualization tools provide an intuitive way to see and understand trends, outliers, and patterns in data. With this feature, you can display data collected on the platform using the aforementioned visual elements.

These unique features exist to make data collection, analysis and management easier, more efficient and reliable.

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