Seeking to develop technical skillset for innovation
in the health sector? Then this internship is for you.

We are looking for individuals who are result-oriented, goal-driven, self-motivated, focused and are seeking to develop their skillset through hard work and commitment.


We are providing the opportunity for
personal and career growth through mentorship
and coaching.


After the internship, successful interns
would be given the opportunity to join
our team


We are providing a platform and the
opportunity to work with others in your
field and make meaningful connections


Stipends would be given to interns
based on task completion and weekly









Absolutely ANYONE interested in learning
under any of the areas of specialization listed
above. No prior knowledge is required.
Just come willing to learn and work hard


  • A Computer (preferably a Laptop)
  • A working internet connection
  • The willingness to learn

1. Make sure your slack account has a profile picture, your full name, phone number and email.

2. No non work related discussions on channels.

3. Ensure that you give prompt responses to messages that require immediate attention.

4. Whenever there’s a research task, a summary of findings document should be prepared.

5. You are required to retweet, like and repost all social media posts.

6. Task completed and general progress made should be updated daily on channel.

7. Questions, problems or confusion should be clarified on the general channels, no use of private channels to resolve issues or make general announcements.

8. Teamwork is highly encouraged/required.

9. Join all appropriate channels.

10. Be civil and polite in all forms of communication.

11. Keyboard wars would not be tolerated

Slack Ground Rules

1. Make sure you fill in all relevant details in your Slack profile including profile picture, your full name, phone number and email.

2. People who don’t complete their tasks get disabled from slack.

3. After you finish one Task, you get assigned to the next.

4. After a while, team leads would be chosen. Team leads will be chosen based on pro-activeness, helpfulness and engagement on slack. Team leads are chosen by a peer voting system, not a selection.

5. Please always be civil as improper communication and unnecessary disputes will not be tolerated.

6. All tasks should be followed by the letter, in case of any misunderstanding, please contact me or your assigned mentors accordingly either through e-mail or slack.

7. The tasks list can be updated by the lead instructor at any point in time with due notice given to the interns concerned.

N:B -Please note that once the Internship begins, any intern that does not fulfill the basic requirements or violates any of the rules will be dropped.


1. What is the Health-Tech Internship?

ANS: The Health-Tech Internship is a program designed to identify and hone the skills of the next generation of health technology innovators through training in Programming, Design, Dev-ops, Data, Public Health and Software Testing

2. Who can apply?

ANS: Absolutely anyone with the interest and drive to learn under any of the areas of specialization

3. What are the requirements?

ANS: A Computer (preferably a Laptop), a working Internet connection and the willingness to learn

4. How long would the internship last?

ANS: The internship will last for 12 weeks.

5. What are the areas of specialization?

ANS: Programming, Design, Dev-ops, Data, Public Health and Software Testing.

6. How much would I be paid as an intern?

ANS: Interns would be paid according to their performance each week.

7. Would I be given the opportunity for full-time employment?

ANS: Yes, if you meet all the requirements at the completion of the internship.

8. Can I participate remotely?

ANS: Yes that is an option.

9. Abeg, How does this 'remote' internship thing work?

ANS: It simply means that you can work from wherever you are as long as you have a computer and working internet connection. Only interns in Abuja have the option of working in the office.

10. What will I be doing as an intern?

ANS: You will be given tasks under your chosen area of specialization and graded based on your performance. You will also be assigned mentors to guide you.

11. Is there an age limit for candidates considered for the internship?

ANS: No.

12. What are the rules and regulations?

ANS: Check the internship website for the rules and regulations.

13. Where will I find the tasks assigned to the interns?

ANS: Once you are added to the slack group, the weekly tasks will be on 'pinned items' and will also be directed by the Slack admin.

14. How many hours are required in a week?

ANS: No specific number of hours are required. What matters is that you finish your tasks within the designated time frame