Image 1: DHIS2 Training Source: eHealth4everyone

eHealth4everyone’s DHIS2 Beginner to Advanced level training was a three-day training held from the 25th to 27th of November, 2020, in Abuja, Nigeria. The DHIS2 training was organized to build the capacity and skills of persons interested in Data Management, Public Health, and Health Information Systems in Nigeria to use the advanced functions and features of DHIS2.

The training addressed competencies that will enable users to adequately set up and manage the data collected on DHIS2 for effective health program monitoring, planning, and decision making.

An introduction to DHIS2 and the basics of the software were the start points of the training. The training curriculum was tailored and well-revised to effectively cover all the key features of the DHIS2 software. Some of the topics covered include: data structure and data entry modules, data analysis and reporting using the pivot table and data visualizer, dashboard management and interpretation for data presentation and the use of maps app, generation and use of data report types in DHIS2.

The training was hands-on and interactive, allowing our trainees to improve their expertise in the use of DHIS2. A brief session on using DHIS2 Software as a Service (Dhistance) and a practical session on the setup and configuration of DHIS2 with a primary focus on the DHIS2 maintenance module – organizational unit, data element, option set, category data set, and user and user role.

Being an interactive training, the facilitators welcomed questions and suggestions from the trainees and addressed them accordingly. The training was ideal for anyone with basic computer skills. Each topic taught was accompanied by a practical session and was aided by the set-up of the DHIS2 software on the personal computers of the trainees. 

We ensured short breaks in between sessions with healthy and tasty meals at the tea break and lunch hours every day of the training period. These breaks also fostered the chance to interact and establish connections and relationships amongst trainees, and we hope it will prove useful in their careers.

Excellence is our watchword at eHealth4everyone, which is why we ensured that the training was nothing less than excellent. Thus, all our participants had wonderful things to say about the practical and inclusive nature of the training. Quoting one of our trainees, Mrs Cecilia, a lecturer at the Lagos State University Teaching Hospital, “ The trainers did an excellent job despite being an online class, they made sure I understood everything. I feel like they were holding my hands for the practical exercises.” Another trainee said, “I will write a proposal to the management of my organisation and see how they could implement this as we currently don’t use it.”

Another trainee said, “I will write a proposal to the management of my organisation and see how they could implement this as we currently don’t use it.”

Image 2: A chart showing the confidence levels of participants before and after the training. The analysis shows that the knowledge level of the participants moved from 17.65%  to 96.7%

To cap the training, certificates were given, and the participants left the training fully knowledgeable about DHIS2. Would you want to be a DHIS2 expert, courtesy of eHealth4everyone? Then register here to be a part of our next DHIS2 Beginner to Advanced level training.