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eHealth Strategy in Africa

Inventory of eHealth projects in Nigeria

This was work done during my time at the United Nations Foundation in support of Nigeria Federal Ministry of Health / ICT4SOML. Feel free to contact me at

eHealth Strategy in Africa

Nigerian Health Information System Policy

This new HIS policy addresses the challenges that have long plagued the HIS in Nigeria, including leadership and governance. The vision of the policy is…

eHealth Strategy in Africa

Assessing the Enabling Environment for eHealth in Nigeria: Landscape & Inventory

As Nigeria continues to experience significant economic growth, the health status of its citizens has failed to make equally remarkable advances, despite…

eHealth Strategy in Africa

Assessing the Enabling Environment for eHealth in Nigeria: Review of Policies.

Committed to reducing maternal and child mortality, the Federal Government of Nigeria is implementing the Saving One Million Lives (SOML) initiative.

eHealth Strategy in Africa

Nigeria eHealth Landscape Report

The review focused on ICT implementations that were concerned with SOML program areas directly focused on health, namely…

eHealth Strategy in Africa

ICT4SOML Situational Analysis

In support of the FMoH’s ability to leverage ICT strategically and systematically, the mHealth Alliance is working alongside Intel, GSMA, and other key partners…

eHealth Strategy in Africa

Health ICT Policy Review in Nigeria

This review has been structured around the eHealth enabling environment framework from the World Health Organization and International Telecommunication’s…

eHealth Strategy in Africa

Health ICT Field Implementation Assessment In Nigeria

Findings from the field assessment showed that infrastructure, including electricity, connectivity and ICT equipment

eHealth Strategy in Africa

Nigeria Health Data Security Guide

Nigeria does not have an overarching personal data protection framework, rather, various sector-specific laws including…

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