Learn about eHealth

eHealth4everyone wants to improve the health IT skills and knowledge of individuals. Our eHealth training modules are designed to introduce you to the general concepts and principles of digital health, provide a broad understanding of digital health solutions and give you in-depth understanding according to your specific area(s) of interest.

This training is ideal for eHealth enthusiasts looking to change health through IT.


Our eHealth training modules are:

  1. Digital health training modules

Introduction to Digital Health

  • What is Digital Health?
  • Growth of Digital Health and underlying trends
  • The 16 categories of Digital Health solutions (mHealth/eHealth)
  • Discussions on the Nigerian context
  • Key challenges and solutions

Foundations of mHealth (Mobile Health)

  • What is Mobile Health?
  • Mobile Health Technologies and tools
  • Mobile health in Nigeria – Case study discussions
  1. Data-related modules

Essentials of Health Data Management

  • What is Health data management?
  • Health data issues
  • Approaches to Data Analytics
  • Tools for Data Analytics
  • Emerging topics/trends

Introduction to Public Health Information System & DHIS2

  • Introduction to Public Health Information Systems
  • The Information cycle
  • Overview of DHIS2
  • Data entry, datasets and indicators
  • Data analytics/visualization
  • Interoperability with DHIS2
  • Practical session focused on data entry and analytics

Electronic medical Records

  • Introduction to Clinical Information Systems
  • Electronic Medical Records: Goals and Functions
  • Demonstration of example system – OpenMRS/Smartacare
  • Practical session focused on Patient registration and Clinical Data Entry
  1. Governance & Policy modules

eHealth Governance for Managers

  • What is ehealth governance?
  • International norms and governance structures
  • Stakeholders – Rights, rules, responsibilities and risks
  • The Nigerian context & stakeholders

Understanding the Nigeria eHealth Strategic Framework (2015 – 2020)

  • What are the goals of the Strategic Framework?
  • The 7 Pillars/Components of the Nigerian Strategic Framework
  • Interoperability and the place of standards
  • The Nigerian Health Information Architecture
  1. Standards-related modules

eHealth Privacy, Security & Confidentiality

  • Foundations & ethical principles
  • The Nigerian context – Applicable laws and directives
  • eHealth Privacy, Security & Confidentiality in Nigeria

Health Information Technology Standards & Interoperability

  • Global Health IT Standards
  • The Health IT Standards space in Nigeria
  • Health Information Exchange (HIE) Fundamentals
  • Health Information Exchange Processes & Steps
  1. Mobile Behavior Change Communication (mBCC) for Healthcare

Use of Mobile Behaviour Change Communication for Healthcare

  • Introduction to mBCC
  • mBCC Audience
  • mBCC Tools & Technologies
  • Discussion of Case studies


At the end of the training, you will be given a certificate and the course materials.

If you are interested in any of our training modules, indicate your interest in the form below