DHIS2 Configuration and Maintenance

eHealth4everyone has deep and broad expertise in DHIS2, a tool for the collection, validation, analysis and presentation of aggregate and patient
level statistical data. We are recognized experts in West Africa by the DHIS2 development team at the University of Oslo. We have gone ahead to
create a DHIS2 SAAS platform to simplify the configuration and maintenance of customised DHIS2 instance
. This is accessible at

Our Product


The quickest route to your DHIS2 instance

It is the first ever fully automated DHIS2 as a software platform that allows you to setup and host your own DHIS2 within minutes!!! Setting up
DHIS2 the right way is often time-consuming and involves technical expertise in server deployment and management.

Official Press Release Statement of Dhistance:

Instant DHIS2 setup

No more worries! Set up your DHIS2 instantly without any
technical know-how about DHIS2 server implementation

Continuous Backups

Daily database backup of your DHIS2 instances, ensuring your
data is never lost, even if your instance is inactive.

Data confidentiality

Your data cannot be accessed by unauthorised parties.

Industry standard security

Top industry security standards such as data encryption,
two factor authentication and firewalls, are employed to
secure your data

Host multiple instances on one account

Manage multiple instances (test and production) on one user account

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